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Price valid from 1st of May 2016



Price per night for a

single person

Price per night for

 two person

Mango 50 USD
60 USD  *
Sandia 50 USD
60 USD  *
Coco 40 USD
50 USD  *
Papaya 50 USD
60 USD  *
Piña 50 USD
60 USD  *

* for every additional person over 10 years of age, an additional USD 10. Breakfast included. Sales and tourimus Tax of 17% are not included. Minimum of stay of two nights required.

 Special Rates valid from 1st of May until 31st of December 2019

10% discount for one night stay, 15% discount for two nights  stay and 20% discount on 3 or more nights stay on the oficial above mentioned rates



Pedicure USD 10
Massage USD 30  
Manicure    USD  7.50
Pedicure/Manicure USD 15  
Birdwatching Tour (with Guide)
USD 20  (duration 2 hours)
Spanish lessons (per hour)
USD   5  

 all prices includes taxes



Airport Pick up (Managua)
USD 35  
Granada USD 10  
San Jorge (Ferry to Ometepe) USD 55  
Masaya USD 10  
San Juan del Sur USD 65  


all prices includes tax